Comprehensive Understanding of Burn-in Chamber

What is a burn-in chamber and where can it be used?

The burn-in chamber can be used to assess and determine the adaptability of electrical,  electronic products or materials for storage, and use under the environmental conditions of high temperature aging on the surface of electrical and electronic products or materials. The burn-in chamber uses forced air circulation to maintain the uniformity of the temperature in the working room.

In order to limit the influence of radiation, the difference between the temperature of each part of the inner wall of the burn-in chamber, the temperature specified in the test is not more than 8%, and the test sample will not be directly radiated by the heating and cooling elements in the burn-in test chamber. burn-in chambers are widely used in power electronics, computers, communications, biopharmaceuticals and other fields.

What is the design principle of the burn-in chamber?

Design PrincipleDescription
Practicability, stability and advancementUsing advanced and mature technology and equipment to meet current needs, considering the needs of future products, “using, stable, practical” components and materials as much as possible.
Safety and reliabilityThe abnormal aging process adopts dual alarm system (sound and light) to fully protect the safety of the product and the surrounding environment chambers.
Flexibility and scalabilityMust meet the specific requirements of the proposed design. For future product demand, there must be a certain amount of space to provide. Therefore, the burn-in oven must have good flexibility and scalability. The burn-in oven has the flexibility to support the aging of various models, provide technical upgrades and equipment updates.
StandardizationIn the structure and principle design of the aging system, according to the relevant standards of the research institute, including the body standard, it has laid a solid foundation for the change of electrical specifications.
Project installabilityIn the design of the aging chamber project, the entire project and equipment adopt a modular structure, which is equivalent to a phased project. The projects of each phase can be seamlessly combined without causing repeated construction and waste.
Economic and investment protectionBuild cost-effective burn-in environmental test chamber to maximize capital output and investment. It can keep the system running at a lower cost and with fewer personnel. In order to achieve product loading, improve energy and efficiency. As far as possible, keep and expand the actual application of equipment capabilities, and make full use of capital and technical investment.
ManageabilityDue to the complexity of the burn-in test chamber and the continuous improvement of products required by the burn-in oven, the task of management must become more and more important. Therefore, in the design process, future management must be considered, such as the mobility of a single load, the adjustability of the load, the scalability of the power system, the integration of the control system, and the implementation of humanized design of aging house management.

What is the difference between the burn-in chamber and a constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

The function and role of the burn-in equipment can be judged from the name that it is mainly for product aging tests. Generally speaking, the aging test refers to an environmental simulation experiment higher than normal temperature. This kind of simulation experiment refers to a kind of harsh environment with high temperature created artificially, put the product in for a set time, wait until the time is up, take out the product to see if the performance of the product is still intact.

Humidity and low temperature are generally not used in the aging room, but some customers may make industrial products that are high and low-temperature humidity. These experiments are done at the same time, so at this time, a constant temperature and humidity chamber is used. This equipment has more advantages.

It can be done with high and low-temperature humidity, but the disadvantage is that the constant temperature and humidity chamber is not like an aging room. There is no restriction on space. The area of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is generally relatively small. Only within 50 square meters and the cost will be much larger. This is the difference between the aging room and the constant temperature and humidity test chamber.


Does the burn-in room need regular maintenance?

The high and low-temperature aging chamber has a reasonable structure design, complete supporting products and functional parts, which can adapt to long-term, stable and safe, reliable production demand. It is easy to use, operate and maintain, has a long service life, beautiful appearance, and has a good user interface, which makes the user’s operation and monitoring more simple and intuitive.

The aging room has precise temperature control and high precision. Due to the unique air duct system design and electrical control system, it can maintain a high degree of temperature uniformity in the whole room, which is much higher than similar products. Room setting range is temperature, continuously adjustable. The highest temperature of the aging room of DGBell can reach 500 ℃.

Because the burn-in room is at a high temperature for a long time, it needs to be maintained regularly. The high-temperature aging room must strictly abide by the system operation procedures to avoid others violating the operating system, and must be operated and maintained by special personnel. Please pay attention to protection when using, do not hit with force or blunt objects.

The test product placed in the aging room should keep a certain distance from the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioning channel to avoid blocking the airflow. If it is not used for a long time, it will affect the effective service life of the system. Therefore, the system should be turned on and run at least every 10 days. Do not stop the system repeatedly in a short time. The number of starts per hour should be less than 5 times. The stay time at each station is not less than 3 hours.

Open the door in a warm place to prevent damage to the door seal. The operation test of the main power switch (leakage circuit breaker) is carried out regularly every month, to ensure that the switch can be used as a leakage protector under load capacity.

In order to ensure the normal and clean cooling water supply, clean the cooling water filter of the refrigerator every 30 days, and clean the cooling water tower of water supply. If the local air quality is poor and the dust content in the air is high, it should be cleaned and cooled within about 7 days. The water tower tank, the leakage, overload and short circuit protection characteristics of the leakage switch are set by the manufacturer. In the process of use can not be adjusted at will, so as not to affect performance. After opening the leak switch due to a short circuit, check the contacts. If the main contact is severely burned or dented, you need repair pits.


Some common questions about burn-in chamber:

  1. When turning on the power indicator light does not light up?
  • Answer: Check whether the power switch is faulty and whether the protective wire is burnt.


  1. What’s wrong with the timer?
  • Answer: Check whether the control panel wiring is loose and whether the timer is faulty.


  1. Can the pressure of the inner pot increase?
  • Answer: It may be that the manual exhaust valve is not closed, or the drying solenoid valve is faulty / the operating solenoid valve is faulty, or the water distributor is faulty.


  1. The pressure of the inner pot increases but the temperature cannot increase?
  • Answer: It may be that there is still pressure in the inner pot after the operation is completed.


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