Environmental Chamber Manufacturer

Environmental test chambers are also known as climate or climatic test chambers. Bell Experimental Equipment Co.,Ltd involved in manufacturing of environmental chambers from 2005, we specialize in the manufacturing of humidity chamber, temperature chambers and walk in environmental chambers. 
It is a blooming era of various products, most of the products have to be tested before delivering to the users. The fierce competitive market require a fast reaction, Bell offer a wide range of standard and customized designed environmental test chambers aimed to meet the demanding test requirements from the products manufacturers. Our test chamber provide reliable simulated environment test, helping manufacturer to find out the defected products, and bring new products to market quickly.

We specialize in developing one-stop solution for various test requirement, simulating extreme temperature, humidity, altitude and vibration. Moreover, our diverse range of environmental chambers are able to simulate different climatic condition such as salt, dust and rain to test accelerate aging.    

Bell test chamber provide test solution for a wide range of industries, including electronics, energy, transportation, material processing, aerospace, defense, inspection and quarantine bureau, etc.

All our environmental chambers are for sale at factory price.

Temperature Chambers & Humidity Chambers

Temperature humidity chambers simulate a range of temperature and humidity conditions to test component and products, especially for those exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity conditions, such as electronics, energy storage, material processing, solar lighting, vehicle parts, etc.

Bell’s Temperature Humidity Test Chambers consist of various categories with various capacity and application, and also available to accommodate variety of specimen sizes.  Our test chambers can simulate wide range of temperature condition from -70℃ to 150℃ (customized available), for example, constant extreme cold and hot, basic temperature cycling, accelerated stress test, also able to combine with humidity (from 20%RH to 98%RH) and vibration. Moreover, we provide customized-design to accommodate special test requirement.

Bell’s test chambers are mainly configurated with international famous brand components, ensure they provide reliable performance and work continuously without defect. Our advanced temperature control system and refrigeration technology reduce operation power consumption, saving energy up to 20% than the traditional technology.

Thermal Shock Chambers

Bell’s Thermal Shock Chamber provide the sudden temperature changes between extreme cold and extreme hot from -65℃ to 150℃ (customized available), specially for environmental stress screen test of the industries that rely on thermal testing, such as component, board electronic assemblies, defense, material stress, consumer products etc.  The thermal shock test can cause faulting or cracking by the expansion and contraction on the products, indicates the hidden manufacturing defects. Bell’s Thermal Shock Chamber ensure you to launch qualified product to the market.

Walk-in Test Chambers

Bell Walk in Test Chambers are available in large capacity test requirement, especially the EV battery, storage system and solar panel. We are able to provide customized design chamber to meet various special specimen size and test requirement.


Altitude Test Chambers

Bell’s Combined Temperature and Altitude Test chambers are available to control the temperature when doing altitude test, to test the components or parts that use in various industries, especially the aircraft avionics.


Other Environmental Chamber

Bell provide a wide range of environmental simulation test chambers to meet various test requirements. Such Vacuum Dry Oven, Salt Spray Test Chamber, Rain Spray Test Chamber, Sand and Dust Test Chamber, etc.

Custom Environmental Chambers are Available

Our standard test chambers are available in a variety range of size for various temperature cycling test with or without humidity, constant temperature and humidity stability testing, and accelerated stress testing.

We also manufacture custom environmental chambers to suit our customers' requirements. if you do not see what you need from our chambers list, contact us and we can likely adapt or build you a chamber just the way you want.

It is critical that you provide all the information of your test requirements to us. according to your application and requirements, we could provide you a best custom environmental test chamber.

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