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ECE R100 Lithium Battery Test Chamber Manufacturer

ECE R100 (UN ECE R100) lithium battery test chamber is tested for lithium batteries in new energy electric vehicles. In recent years, with the popularization of electric vehicles, not only is the scope and number of applications constantly expanding, but the energy of a single battery of electric vehicles is also getting higher and higher. The constant explosion of lithium battery safety accidents also makes people pay more and more attention to the safety of lithium batteries. The ECE R100 battery test standard is made for this kind of new energy electric vehicle, standardizes the testing process of electric vehicles, and tests the safety of electric vehicles through various tests.

ECE R100 standard stipulates that eight kinds of battery test machines are used for testing, they are battery crush test equipment (Horizontal), cell battery crush test equipment (Vertical), large current battery short circuit test device, external fire exposure test machine, walk-in chamber for rapid rate temperature, horizontal battery crush nail penetration test machine, vibration test system, and shock test system.