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UL 2580 Lithium Battery Test Chamber Manufacturer

The UL 2580 standard tests nickel, lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries in new energy vehicles. It also includes battery modules and battery packs. The UL 2580 battery test standard also tests the ability of batteries, battery modules and battery packs to withstand harsh conditions safely, testing whether they can be charged and discharged as required. DGBELL is a lithium battery test chamber manufacturer that meets the requirements of the UL 2580 standard. We will provide you with a series of UL 2580 standard test chamber, such as battery crush test equipment (horizontal), cell battery crush test equipment(vertical), traction battery drop tester, thermal runaway test machine, large current battery short circuit test device, external fire exposure test machine, walk-in chamber for rapid rate temperature or humidity test, seawater immersion test device, walk-in chamber for complex salt spray test (temperature controllable), horizontal battery crush nail penetration test machine, battery pack rotates test device, battery test vibration test system.