Do Electronic Products Require the Dust Test?

The scope of electronic products mainly covers lighting products, electronic components, and mobile communication terminals. They have clear regulations for enclosure protection testing. These requirements are generally: waterproof, explosion-proof, and mechanical shock resistant. However, at this stage, manufacturers do not attach great importance to dust testing. The general view is that dust is mainly distributed in dry areas with large radiation, and the sources of dust in other areas are diversified. For example, fine sand comes from the desert, and carbide is exhaled or artificial.

The importance of Dust Test

The harm caused by dust in real life is enormous, and it itself will become a harmful substance.

For example, interference optical performance, jamming of moving parts, reduction of heat transfer efficiency, grinding of moving parts, clogging of air filters, damage of electrical insulation, etc. If the conditions are ripe, it will cause mildew, corrosion, and may also cause a fire.

Dust Test Chamber

The dust test chamber is suitable for dustproof tests of various auto parts. The test parts include lamp, instrument, electric dust cover, steering system, door lock and so on.

Firstly, we must understand that some parameters are required for the dust test.

The requirements of the sand and dust test mainly include the following parameters: temperature, relative humidity, dust concentration, wind speed, tank volume, dust type and particle diameter, sample placement position, dusting time and rest time, total test time, and so on.

Secondly, we also need to have a certain understanding of the dust proof level.

Ingress Protection

IP is the code used by international authorities to determine the level of protection. The Ip level consists of two numbers. The first number indicating dust proof and the second number indicating water resistance. In a word, a higher number indicates a better level of protection.

IEC/EN60529 dustproof is divided into 7 levels (level 0 ~ level 6), dustproof level (e.g. IP5X – dust level 5)

Level 0Completely without dust protection
Level 1It can protect against foreign objects larger than 50mm in diameter and fall into the device.
Level 2Protects foreign objects larger than 12.5mm in diameter from falling into the device
Level 3Protects foreign objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter from falling into the device
Level 4Protects foreign objects larger than 1.00mm from falling into the device
Level 5Do not completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust entering must not affect the normal operation of the equipment, and must not affect safety.
Level 6Completely dustproof

Because it takes a long time for the product to conduct dust test under natural conditions. Therefore, most manufacturers will choose dust test chamber to test their products.

Through using the dust test chamber for testing, we learned about the shortcomings of our products. What measures can we use to improve our products? 

Dust Proof Measures

  1. Use a strictly closed construction. For example, the lock hole of the external control device should be assembled with a dust cover. The transferable device port is to be assembled with a dust plug.
  2. Filters and spinning nets are installed in the vents to better filter the dust.
  3. Try to avoid using a strong cooling air device, and change the form of the air blower to extract.
  4. For circuit devices used under adverse conditions, the surface should be coated with a layer of anti-chemical material to ensure the safety of the line.

It is believed that by using dust test chamber and these effective protective measures, the quality of your products will increase.


In order to make our product quality more internationally competitive, we need to solve some practical problems from small places. Every small step is done to ensure that the company can develop better in the long run. I believe that our dust test chamber will help you better improve the quality of your products.


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