Temperature Chamber-a Protective Umbrellar for Your Product

Maybe, you are troubled by the failure of finding a suitable temperature chamber ( also known as a temperature test chamber) to test your products.

Or most likely, you are full of curiosity what is the temperature chamber.

Here is a piece of good news: today’s guide will take you through the significant aspects before purchasing a temperature chamber.

In addition, it serves as a complete guide for your reference. There may exist a possibility that you could use it in the future.

This guide involves many aspects, ranging from the definition, application, specification, working principle and every other relevant information regarding a temperature chamber.

What is Temperature Chamber?

Temperature Chamber, also known as temperature test chamber, is developed to simulate the required temperature in order to successfully carry out complicated heating experiments between -70℃- 150℃ (can be customized).

In other words, a temperature chamber is like a laboratory instrument to test your product in a temperature-controlled environment.

A temperature chamber is one of the earliest products we produced.  It is constructed in strict accordance with international standards and government regulations.

As many detected objects are equipped with the solid shell, the components, materials of the temperature chamber must be strong enough to resist high-temperature than tested objects put inside of them.

For these reasons, the temperature test chamber is popular and functional in the matter of identifying the thermal performance of various products.

Applications of Temperature Chamber.

Temperature Chamber finds wider usage in testing the performance of a broad range of applications coping with the high-temperature in the simulated enclosure space.

The tested products range from Li-ion cell battery, aviation, automobile, electronic components to materials, energy, chemical, medical and other industries.

That means a temperature chamber can model the environment as exactly as you want to test how long your products can endure under the designed environment.

With the help of the temperature testing chamber, you could select the data of the thermal resistance performance of your product.

And then you can add to these real experiment data as one of the advantages to your product presentation.

By doing so, potential customers may prefer your product, because they are supported by the real and convincing experiment data.

Moreover, no matter you want a small temperature chamber or a big one. Our temperature chamber comes in a variety of sizes (can be customized) and performance configurations.

Each chamber offers an ideal solution for any industry or product.

Therefore, choose a temperature chamber that fits your performance, testing, laboratory, and company needs today!

5 Features of Temperature Chamber

To make you more impressed with our temperature testing chamber, i will list 5 advantages of it as following:

  1. Trust-worthy test results.

The temperature testing chamber requires a particular degree of quality and reliability. Its external material is made of the galvanized sheet with high- temperature electronic resin coating at both sides. Its internal material consists of SUS# 304 heat and cold resistant stainless steel with seal welding.

  1. Programmable Temperature Change Rate.

It is sometimes more accurate to test an item at a number of different temperatures. Rapid and controlled temperature change rates can minimize the deviation in the gradient experiments you design. In other words, it can ensure the accuracy of your experiments.

  1. Flexible in Use.

The temperature chamber is not difficult to operate. It is constructed with PlC Control and remote computer control. All these traits make it easy to assemble, disassemble, operate and even troubleshoot.

  1. Low Costs.

The temperature test chamber integrates the Heating System, Refrigeration System, Forced Internal Circulate System as well as Fume Exhaust System, Explosion-proof System.

It demands lower capital investment compared to other types of temperature chambers.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about a large investment.

  1. Filling a variety of materials of different sizes.

With a commodious and solid cabinet, you can easily fill a range of products with various sizes and weights. Let’s take a model of the Double-deck High and Low- Temperature Test Chamber as an example, i.e. BTL-D2-288C. It has a single cabinet inner dimension featuring W800 X D600 X H600 MM and external dimension W1500*H1950*D1700 MM.

Why are You Need a Temperature Chamber?

With the advent of the electric vehicles, the temperature chamber manufacturers have witnessed the rapidly increased purchase quantities in the temperature test chamber to go with it.

Do you know why the temperature test chamber is the best-selling commodity?

The short circuit is the culprit of the safety accidents caused by lithium batteries. We all know that when the electric resistance is very small, the positive and negative anodes will form an abnormal pathway, namely the short circuit.

In this case, the resulted heat and strong electricity will occur in the inner part of the battery. These two factors not only cause serious damage of the battery, but also trigger a sudden increase in pressure inside the battery. Besides, as the chemical properties of the lithium battery being very lively, the electrical vehicle may lose its structural integrity and even explodes finally.

It can be concluded that there is no way to completely avoid and eliminate the possibility of lithium battery fire and explosion.

What we should do is to make sure that there are no secondary disasters after a fire or an explosion.

In this case, the temperature test chamber will be a great aid. The temperature chamber will ensure the safety of the site to a large extent. The main function of the temperature chamber is to relieve the pressure through a pressure purging port.

If you seek higher security, you could add a hinge to the door lock with the purpose of weakening the explosion shock.

In this way, the customer will not be injured by the product explosion.

The Standard Compliances of Temperature Chamber?

  • IEC60068-2-1:2007: Low temperature testing
  • IEC60068-2-2:2007: High temperature testing


The Main Components of a Temperature Chamber.

  • GEA Bock Compressors (Germany).
  • EMERSON Oil Separator (USA).
  • Danfoss Pressure Switches and thermostats (Denmark).
  • SAGInoMIYA refrigerant solenoid (Japan).
  • TATO Customized Temperature and Humidity Controller (Taiwan).
  • Schneider Intermediate Relay (France).
  • Schneider Contactor (Taiwan).
  • Schneider SSR (France).
  • CARLO GAVAZZI Monitoring Relay (USA).


The related products of a Temperature Test Chamber.

  • The Double-deck High and Low -Temperature Test Chamber.
  • The Temperature Cycling Test Chamber.
  • The Double-deck High-Temperature Aging Test Chamber.
  • Rapid Temperature Change Rate Test Chamber.
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber (can be divided into Two Zone and Three Zone).



Finally, we have come to the end of our guide today.

After reading this guide, I believe that you have a general understanding of a temperature chamber.

I believe that you can buy a Temperature Chamber for your specific needs.

Now, I would like to hear from you too:

What kind of the Temperature Chamber would you prefer? If there is not a temperature chamber after your heart, please contact us at any time. We will produce the Temperature Test Chamber in the specification and size you need.

If there is something you believe I have missed or failed to explain to your satisfaction, please leave your message below.

In addition, if you want to know more minute information, such as a temperature test chamber price, you can contact us directly. The contact information is available at the bottom of the page.

Our staff will be happy to help.



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