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No.11 Wusong 1st Street,

Dongcheng District,

Dongguan 523117, Guangdong, China


DGBELL was founded in 2005 and is situated in Dongguan China. DGBELL supplies and assistance to meet different clients, notably the most customized equipment. Following excellent attempts in the previous 14 decades, their yearly manufacturing capacity has already reached RMB 120 million.

In 2009-10 the company was certified with ISO 9001:2007 and invented 13 technical patents. In the same year, it was awarded as the best private company in Guangdong. DGBELL focuses upon the environmental test chambers primarily. But they also manufacture Li-ion Battery safety test devices, EV (Electric Vehicle) Battery Security Examination Tools, Environmental Test Devices, and Mechanical Evaluation Gear. They collaborated with many internationally renowned businesses from Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, for example, auto providers, battery businesses, electronics businesses, detection associations, and labs.

In 2013-14 the company obtained the title of High-Tech enterprise in china. It also got membership of the Power Battery Standardization Technical Committee. It also introduces German technology in test chambers. The company became Vice president of Dongguan Lithium Battery Industry Association. DGBELL has cooperated with the Beijing Institute of standardization for R&D battery test safety equipment. In 2012 it was awarded as “China’s famous brand”.

Like a responsible venture, DGBELL’s assignment establishes a stage for both personnel and meets their fantasies for delivering clients testing equipment. To turn into the top make of this evaluation equipment business, DGBELL stresses devotion, pragmatism, assistance, and imagination because of its central significance, and so is in the search for high-quality, client care, constant advancement in addition to excellence and perfection of merchandise.

DGBELL targets technological innovation to assure caliber chambers enriched with service. DGBELL created a whole 4S platform Sale, spare-part, assistance, study. Also, they utilize its successful promotion and after-sale product solutions and rich technological chambers to give our clients the best experience. They do perfect research, producing surroundings & devices that are extensively implemented in electronic equipment, li-ion batteries, EV batteries, semiconductor and health and chemical, decorative, coatings, and oil and food businesses.

DGBELL environmental test chambers manufacturers concentrate on having a more one-stop solution for assorted evaluation conditions, mimicking extreme temperatures, humidity, elevation, and oscillation.  Moreover, their assorted environmental chamber selection can mimic distinct climatic circumstances like sodium, potassium, rain, and dust to examine product aging.  They give evaluation alternatives for a broad scope of businesses, such as electronic equipment, power, transport and substance processing, aerospace, security, review, quarantine agency, etc. No other environmental test chamber manufacturers except DGBELL present a lot of additional after-sale assistance.

DGBELL produces reliable mimicked environment evaluation.  They’re pleased to aid item producers in trying out faulty goods and attracting new services and services to market fast.

It’s just a booming age of assorted goods, and the majority of these services and products need to get analyzed before bringing them on to these end consumers.  The competitive industry calls for a speedy response. DGBELL environmental chambers providers supply a broad assortment of customized and standard environmental testing gear targeted to fulfill up the rigorous test needs of the companies of these goods. Get quote



4141 Central Parkway

Hudsonville, MI 49426 USA


ESPEC has since sold and produced environmental evaluation chambers in the USA in 1983.  It was designed and assembled in America for 3-5 decades, also currently comprises Qualmark as a portion of its solution lineup and surgeries.  It features manufacturing companies in Japan, Korea, and China and service & sales across the entire globe. ESPEC could be the planet’s top company of “environmental test chambers,” which encourage cutting-edge technology. Their system, which goes into 50 nations globally, gives supreme quality merchandise to clients worldwide. Espec gets the entire world’s greatest market share within the area of environmental test chambers utilized to check the caliber and operation of industrial services and products by replicating environmental elements like humidity and temperature. ESPEC has a reputation in Japan because of its pioneer and acquired markets overseas in a young period. The team is now constituted of 19 national and international businesses, and they’re popularized by clients around the globe because the worldwide pioneer in environmental test chambers. The motto is doing things uniquely before others do. They have established that the more exceptional quality assurance method encourages it globally. Get quote



291 Kollen Park Drive

Holland, Michigan 49423, USA

THERMOTRON was buit in 1962,


Thermotron’s origins lie deep in West Michigan.  What started as just a small production store in 1962 has turned into about three substantial buildings hosting their staff members.  Thermotron’s potency stems from an extremely talented workforce using their wisdom, knowledge, and recyclability to construct exceptional products.  They work hard to surpass our clients’ expectations by pinpointing our clients’ desires, acquiring first-class check gear, and moving far outside our in-depth support. They give comprehensive and finish, turnkey solutions with significantly greater than fifty decades of practical knowledge; Thermotron can be just really a premier company of high-speed environmental test chambers and vibration evaluation processes. Quite a few of their providers are out of the USA and Canada.  The truth is that up to 90 percent of those components and parts are included in the United States. Thermotron has 50 years of experience in making premium quality environmental test chambers. Get quote



12011 Mosteller Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


CSZ has now supplied world-class environmental test chambers to clients since 1940. The CSZ manufacturer became synonymous with using durable, trustworthy, and higher-excellent solutions. Today’s test chambers feature a wide array of vibration, temperature, humidity, elevation remedies, plus a lot more. It let us deliver an even more total portfolio of environmental testing methods to the clients through the years.

Back in 2019, they’re obtained by Weiss Technik, the united states, Inc. The linking of Weiss Technik and CSZ has manufactured the greatest environmental test chamber maker in the US.

They’ve held about this doctrine that the consumer comes through the duration of their trip to turn into among those greatest global brand names of environmental testing services. Get quote






Weiss Technik is an industry pioneer and among the absolute most advanced makers of ecological simulation methods. Together with all these testing procedures, they can model all climatic states beneath rapid situations. Whether temperature, local environment, rust, dirt, or joint jolt screening. They possess the appropriate alternative. Also, they furnish approaches in most dimensions, from conventional models, up-to-customized, process-integrated centers to get top reproducibility and accurate evaluation benefits. Environmental chamber models manufactured by Weiss Technik maintain standards with many helpful attributes for analyzing software.

Weiss Technik is among the most advanced and important producers of environmental test chambers. Their specialists from 22 businesses are in the service in 15 states, willing to guarantee their systems’ good operational durability. No alternatives will be located across the entire world in search, growth, creation, and caliber like Weiss Technik. Get quote



1883 Russell Court, Holland,

MI (Michigan) 49423


Russells Technical Products has been manufacturing environmental test chambers since 1972. Russells Tech provides good excellent practice ecological evaluation chambers and strategies for around 4-5 decades ago. They’ve got 1000s of operationally proven climate-controlled techniques testing. With more than 45 years of joint administration knowledge, our organization delivers its clients with caliber environmental testing strategies and innovative production methods. Russells provides an assortment of custom and standard intended chambers to satisfy the own precise specs. Their focus and goal will be to keep creating long-lasting customer connections which people forged together with caliber, innovative climatic evaluation systems. Russells Tech’s specialized services and products is a privately held business that appreciates honesty and ethics within our industry associations. They truly are the cornerstone of the organization doctrine and the origin of success. Get quote



2821 Old Route 15

New Columbia, PA 17856


Fifty years following world war 2, Tenney combined forces with other businesses to produce environmental test chambers. Located from New Columbia, PA, Tenney and also Lunaire boasts a few of the absolute most exhaustive traces of custom and standard environmental-testing chambers at the business. Lunaire produces balance and stable nation environmental chambers.  Gruenberg manufactures industrial ovens, pharmaceutical sterilizers, and sprays.  Lunaire and Gruenberg combined and formed Tenney’s active solution, developing a well-made, advanced lineup of services and products.

Tenney has become a pioneer of this analyzing environmental chamber business. Their devotion to excellence and the business proceeds to march ahead by always developing more durable, stronger, and more efficient analyzing chambers.  Tenney’s lineup of testing chambers maintains to fulfill temperature, humidity, elevation, and vacuum-testing conditions within this creation and into the second. Afterward, Tenney started to dive into the aerospace business to fulfill up the rough demands of analyzing the environment of distance. Get quote


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