What is the Walk In Environmental Stability Test Chamber and What is it Special?

When you purchase an environmental test chamber, you first need to determine the size of the chamber you need. The test products are different and the test space required is different. So the size of the device is something you need to pay special attention to. Environmental laboratory equipment is available in several sizes: miniature, small, medium, and step-in temperature chambers. The previous article introduced the benchtop environmental test chamber. This article mainly introduces the walk in environmental stability test chamber.

what is it?

The walk in environmental stability test chamber is used for heat and cold resistance tests in the defense industry, aerospace industry, automotive components, electronic components, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and related products.

After learning what a walk in environmental stability test chamber is, let’s introduce its scope of application.

Scope of application

The walk in environmental stability test chamber mainly provides large-scale temperature and humidity test environment space for large parts, semi-finished products and finished products for the industry. Besides, it is also suitable for testing test equipment with large quantity and large volume.

In addition to the unique structural features of the walk in environmental stability test chamber, its performance characteristics also need us to understand.

Structural features

  1. With the combination of the library unit, the internal volume can be arbitrarily enlarged and easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be designed and matched according to customer’s needs, which is convenient for customers to follow mobile devices.
  2. SUS#304 stainless steel plate and color steel plate are adopted, the structure is firm, the folding is convenient. In addation, the structure is simple, waterproof and beautiful.
  3. The ceiling blowing type is adopted to reduce the influence of the wind speed in the test chamber on the sample. At the same time, the requirement of low wind speed and high uniformity can be achieved.
  4. The large and bright window is equipped with high-intensity indoor explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, so that users can observe the condition inside the test chamber.
  5. All-round safety protection device and power failure memory ensure the safety of the machine itself and the user. A comprehensive protection device, when an abnormality occurs, the controller screen automatically displays the fault status, cuts off the power switch, and provides troubleshooting methods.

Finally, there are things to be aware of when operating a walk in environmental stabiliity test chamber.


  1. When the equipment is in normal operation, the contents of the box should not be over-extruded. It should not affect the air circulation inside the box to ensure uniform temperature and humidity inside the box.
  2. When there is no need for lighting in the box, the light switch should be placed in the “off” position to extend the life of the lamp.
  3.  After the equipment is moved, it should be placed for 1 to 2 days. This will help the compressor in the refrigeration system to work properly and extend its life.
  4. The wall of the tank wall and the surface of the box are often wiped to keep it clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solutions.
  5. The inclination of the equipment during transportation should not exceed 45 degrees to avoid damage to the chiller system.
  6. Use distilled water or purified water when using the humidifier. The transducer should have a few drops of detergent before washing. Then brush with a soft brush, and finally rinse with clean water.
  7.  When the water tank of the humidifier is filled with water, the water in the base must be poured to prevent the water from overflowing.
  8.  After the equipment is grounded, if the ground is uneven, it should be leveled.
  9. Maintenance and repair of equipment should be carried out by professionals to avoid accidents.
  10. The device must be connected to a grounded power outlet!

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