DGBELL Has a Three-day Tour of Guilin

In order to broaden colleagues’ horizons, stimulate all colleagues’ enthusiasm for life and work, and at the same time promote communication and exchange between various departments and enrich our spare-time cultural life, DGBELL organized a three-day tour to Yangshuo, Guilin from March 26th to 28th, 2021, which made everyone feel the warmth of the company’s family while enjoying the beautiful scenery, food, fatigue, and fun. DGBELL always insists on people-oriented and regards every colleague as the core strength of the company’s developer. Organizing a trip is the DGBELL’s full affirmation of all colleagues’ hard work and deep care for them.

Through travel, we can enjoy the beauty of nature after busy work, enjoy the body and mind, and can greatly mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of teamwork, and provide a good communication platform for all departments of our company to liaise with each other, so that we can relax our body and mind and cultivate our sentiment at the same time, and put into work with more enthusiasm and develop together with DGBELL!

DGBELL travel to Guilin

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