How to Use and Troubleshoot Industrial Vacuum Drying Oven Properly? (Part 2)

We are aware a vacuum drying oven is just a box-type draining apparatus that dries dry stuff under non-positive strain. It employs a vacuum pump to remove moisture from the atmosphere. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner condition is shaped at the chamber, which lessens the drinking water’s boiling point and hastens the drying rate. The industrial vacuum drying oven gets the benefits of quickly drying particular goods, tiny contamination, and no injury for these dehydrated objects’ inherent high quality. However, do you know the vacuum drying ovens ought to be summoned before it’s properly used?

Even as we realized, vacuum drying is commonly utilized in food, medicine, the lighting industry, chemical business, and other sectors such as low-temperature drying. It’s the benefits of quick-drying, external contamination, and no injury to this dehydrated stuff’s inherent high quality. To boost consumers’ efficacy utilizing the vacuum drying chamber’s effectiveness, the customer service team will accumulate buyer response surveys each year. Depending on consumer responses, we’ve outlined several shared flaws and alternatives to users.


The Proper Way to Use an Industrial Vacuum Drying Oven

The evaluation product is placed in a vacuum drying oven to evacuate to clear away the gasoline out of this cloth. In case the workpiece is warmed, the gas will grow if warmed. Since these ovens’ vibrations are quite subtle, the massive pressure made with the enlarging gas can bring about the monitoring window’s tempered-glass exploding. It’s too hazardous. We can prevent this threat when we do vacuum at the beginning and then apply heat.

If heating initially, after which disconnect the heat. Then heat is going to be brought fully to the vacuum pump when the atmosphere is discharged. It’ll create the vacuum’s warmth to grow excessively much and impact the efficacy of the vacuum pump.

The heated fuel will be led to some vacuum pressure gauge that can generate a temperature increase. In case the temperature increase exceeds the chosen working temperature reach of the vacuum pressure gauge, it can create the exhibit mistake of this vacuum strain gauge.

In summary, the proper system of usage would be to liquefy first, after which heating. In case the vacuum falls later, hitting the graded temperature, then grate for a little while back. This may help expand the lifespan of this vacuum drying oven.


Common Problems We Face When Use Vacuum Drying Oven

An industrial vacuum drying oven performs the drying process under a vacuum environment. In a vacuum, then convective heat transport is badly diminished. Heat transport is primarily due to heat conduction and heat scattered from the box and coil walls. As a result of very minimal temperatures, the ratio of radiation heating conduction isn’t significant. The ratio of heat conduction is comparatively huge; however, this material’s outer plane and the coil tubing or perhaps even the outside region is tiny, leading to an exact lousy thermal conduction influence.

The other motive is because the substance dries, then the surface melts and melts to produce a thermal resistance coating. It lessens the heat move of this coil and also the material spiral. The grounded plane over the outside layer is compacted. Therefore your vapor generated indoors may be readily discharged, and which also impacts the drying rate. Additionally, the moment the strain of this bubble is so immense, the spontaneous soil coating is shaped. The substance can probably fall, leading to waste.


Troubleshoot Industrial Vacuum Drying Oven: Issues and Their Solutions

Issue: That is no method to wash out the sample as soon as the vacuum drying oven is functioning.
Cause: This might be a result of the inappropriate oven. The vacuum drying process has to be executed in a closed atmosphere. In case the drinking water vapor is made throughout the drying approach and isn’t discharged punctually, this may create the drinking water vapor to go into the sample.
Solution: Insert some air into the internal space each once every so often, then use the vacuum to extract the drinking water vapor. Therefore the functioning may stop the occurrence that there’s no means to dry out the sample.

Issue: After the industrial vacuum drying oven is faced vacuum suction occurrence.
Cause: Erroneous performance when turning the vacuum pump, then the proper method will always be too near the valve initially and turn off the hose pump. In case the arrangement is reversed, underneath the affect of the unwanted vacuum pressure, then the oil or water from this vacuum pump will be squeezed straight back again.
Solution: Practice the proper succession of surgeries, switch off the valve, and then turn off the hose. When it isn’t hard to produce mistakes, then a check valve should be inserted between your vacuum pump and the vacuum drying oven. After the vacuum pump ceases, the valve will shut the valve immediately. Also, there is not going to be any vacuum.

Issue: The air leakage occurrence that happens following the vacuum drying oven can be employed for a few years.
Cause: The most important reason is most likely not the drying oven is damaged up. However, the seal has been aging and damaged.
Solution: Substitute for the sealing strip punctually. In case the situation still can’t be solved, then this means that the valve has not been damaged. Replace a few valves.

Issue: Quite a gap involving your established temperature and also the actual temperature from the vacuum drying oven.
Cause: Also frequently open and shut the doorway or even the warmth detector is ruined.
Solution: Attempt to decrease the range of shutting and opening your entranceway to replace the temperature detector.



Industrial vacuum drying ovens certainly are a terrific remedy since they create the best usage for their own performance. These assist in lowering your current costs while improving turnaround and quality time at once. The drying oven, which abides by lean producing principles, possesses an immense effect on the operation of almost just about any center. That said, you want to come across a dependable manufacturer that could think of the very optimal/optimally style and style for the particular instance.



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