Is Your High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Safe?

Simulated Environmental test chamber mainly simulates a series of natural conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, moist heat, infrared radiation and low pressure, dust and mold. And the environmental test chamber has high requirements for analog accuracy.

With the development of the industry, more and more customers need to implement the above environmental simulation, and put forward explosion-proof requirements for the equipment. Thereby adapting to a wider range of test samples.

The Explosion- proof Structure of High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

1. Box Reinforcement

The outside of the box is strengthened with 80MM steel trough. The box of the test box will be subjected to a huge impact when the explosion occurs. If the test box of the cabinet is not thick enough, it may even be deformed, damaged, spread of fire, and hard objects may cause accidental injury. Therefore, the reinforcement of the cabinet is very important.

2. Security Door

In addition to the door of the test box with the observation window, it should also be equipped with an explosion-proof chain and a limit switch for opening the door. First of all, the explosion-proof chain can prevent the door of the test box from flying out. It also acts as a buffer and protection. Secondly, the limit switch for door opening detection ensures that the test box is not in operation when the door is opened. The test chamber must be operated when the protective door is closed and the limit switch is closed.

3. Pressure Relief Door

Pressure relief doors are very important. The pressure relief door will act when the internal pressure in the tank rises sharply, releasing the pressure inside the tank. Therefore, the pressure relief door needs to be relieved to the rear side or the top side of the tank, and it is not allowed to release pressure to the lateral and bottom of the tank to prevent injury.

4. Lead Hole

In addition to the thermal insulation rubber plug, the lead hole should also be equipped with a threaded protective cap, the screw cap is drilled with a small hole, and the sheath tube is pre-embedded for threading. The cap prevents the plug from injecting and hurting when the pressure inside the box rises sharply.

5. Observation Window

The design size of the observation window should not be too large. In terms of glass material, it is necessary to revitalize the explosion-proof glass, and protect the inside of the glass with a protective net cover to prevent the glass fragments from being injured when the explosion occurs.

The Electrical Design of Explision-proof Temperatrue Humidity Test Chamber

1. Temperature Anomaly Detection

It is equipped with a temperature sensor that can be moved anywhere in the box. The sensor can be used to detect the surface temperature of the sample. When the surface temperature of the sample is abnormal and higher than the preset temperature, the red alarm light of the device and the overheated light in the box are illuminated at the same time. And the device stops running and the sample power is turned off by the test power terminal.

2. Automatic Jet Fire Protection

When a fire or explosion occurs, the temperature in the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber will rise sharply. This abnormal temperature change can be detected by a dedicated temperature sensor. What’s more, the equipment will transmit this abnormal temperature signal to the test chamber control system. The system will inject CO2 by opening the electric valve to ensure safety.

3. Emergency Stop Switch

The operator should immediately press the emergency stop switch if there is an abnormality in the box. Ensure that the equipment stops the cabinet. The secondary power supply of the test chamber is cut off by an AC contactor. However, the security system is not affected and works normally.

4. Tricolor Warning Light

The tri-color warning light should be installed in the most conspicuous position.


The explosion-proof function of the high low temperature humidity test chamber meets the industrial requirements of the wide electronics and military industries.

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