Project Case | Battery Test Chamber Laboratory

This is a set of photos from a battery test chamber laboratory.


DGBELL provide a series of battery test chamber  and professional site layout design.

The laboratory integrates all machine control systems into a central console.

Test engineer can test and observe by the console. That wil be very convenient !

The security system covers the entire laboratory. You can rest assured to conduct the testing.


At this time, you may have doubts. Why are our products so popular? Let me tell you.

Lithium Battery Test Chamber

  • PLC Control, programmable, remote computer control
  • Heating System
  • Refrigeration System
  • Forced Internal Circulate System
  • Fume Exhaust System
  • Explosion-proof System
  • Programmable

DGBELL lithium battery test chamber supplier provides a wide range of battery safety test equipments, from environment simulation test chambers to mechanical test chambers, including Temperature test chamber, altitude simulation test chamber, battery crush tester, short circuit battery test chamber, thermal abuse tester, drop tester, shock tester, vibration test system, etc.

DGBELL focus on the environmental test chamber for 15+ years,  we have enough experience to produce environmental test chambers, and we are constantly developing new safer and easier-to-operate environmental test chambers.

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