Rain Spray Test Chamber : The Complete Guide

If you are looking for any information about the rain spray test chamber (also known as rain simulator or rainfall simulator), this guide is designed for your reference.

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Before getting into details about the rain simulator, let me give you a brief introduction to our company.

Bell Experiment Equipment Co., Ltd manufactures and sells Temperature and Humidity Chamber and battery testing machines, and so on. Rain Simulator, also known as rainfall simulator,  is a branch of our environmental chambers. Temperature Humidity Chamber ranges from benchtop to walk–in with extreme temperature & humidity.

We understand the pressure you faced to bring new products to market quickly. The product must be tested at various conditions to ensure its quality and reliability. This is why we offer standard and custom-designed rain simulator to meet our clients’ requirements. With the rain simulator, you can simulate rainy conditions to test your products.  Rainfall Simulator is developed in strict accordance with international standards. Besides, a rain simulator can provide exact data for improvement in your products in the future. On top of that, we specialize in providing solutions for extreme temperatures combined with humidity, altitude, or vibration.


What is Rain Spray Test Chamber?

The Rain Spray Test Chamber is a branch of the Environment Test Chambers known as climate and climatic test chambers.
It is designed to examine the product’s waterproof performance by simulating a soaking,  rainy environment.
The Rain Spray Test Chamber finds widerspread usage in products such as electronics, solar rights, buried lights, car lights, fountain lights, automobile parts, garden lights, tunnel lights, other products.
This equipment is designed in line with the international standard of quality and safety and is compliant with the IEC60529-2001 standard, ensuring the conduction of the simulation experiment and accurate and reliable test results.


Rain Spray Test Chamber applications

The Rain Spray Test Chamber is used to test the water- repellent property and sealing of products under different rainfall pressure during the transportation process, in particular the ship transition.
The product’s water-repellent level can be assessed by simulating natural rainfall environment.
It is conducive to find the drawbacks of the detected products, then greatly improving the performance of your product before you market it.

What are the basics of the Rain Spray Test Chamber?
The test chamber boasts the guiding upright column that comprises a high-quality, plastic-coated square steel pipe, water supply pump, conductive slider, electrical controller, a rotating sample table with an adjustable valve and a rotating test platform to control the water distribution of the drip mold over the tested samples.
The equipment employs superior construction materials that are gear to safe and reliable operation.
The parts that are exposed to water are made up of high-quality stainless steel.


How does the Rain Spray Test Chamber work?

Rain Test Chamber is an enclosed chamber in which the amount and time of simulated rainfall can be controlled.
In order to give a waterproof performance test to targeted products, water should be poured into the test enclosure through tailor-made nozzles.
Flow meters have adjustable valves, which supply the water spray at specified flow parameters.
If you want to control the water distribution over the surface of the detected products, you can use a rotating test platform that is installed in the Water Spray Test Chamber.


Benefits of the Rain Spray Test Chamber

It boasts a stationary product shelf that is optional, water pressure regulators, gauges, and flow meters. Besides, it has a high-volume floor drain system to drain water out of the chamber.
It has a large capacity water reservoir with an automatic water refiling facility.
It is characterized by a self-contained water recirculation system that minimizes the cost and saves energy up to 20% compared to traditional technology.
It is easy and convenient for you to operate due to its new and modern design characterizing a touch style color LCD screen, to simulate the rainfall environment for the purpose of examing the water existence of products, thus saving time and making work more efficient.


Features of the Rain Test Chamber

Key Features:
● Configurated with international brand components.
● Competitive price.
● Wider applicable range.
● Easy to install.
● Safe and reliable operation.
● Meet IEC60529-2001 standard.
● Introduced Japanese and German refrigeration technology, Energy saving 20%.
● Available in both standard and tailor-made designs.

Safety Features:
● Earth leakage protection.
● Overload and short circuit protection.
● Timing and accurate water control of the whole test device.
● Cutting off electricity automatically upon fault alarming.
● Automatic adjustment system when time is too high.

Test Space800x800x8001000x1000x1000
W x H x D(mm)
External Dimension1160x1640x9601360x1840x1160
W x H x D(mm)
Test Bench Speed(rpm)1-5 (Adjustable)
Turntable Diameterφ 300mm
Turntable Load20KG
Intermittent be Caught in Time15min/25min
Speed5-10 s/rpm
Water Ring Radius375mm, pipe diameter Φ16mm
Nozzle Jet angle40°,90°,135°fix direction, water spray towards the rotary center.
Each Spray Hole Flow100±5 L/min(adjustable),flow display direct reading.
Water Spray Pressure200-400, a pressure gauge directly reading,
Test Time1-999,999min(adjustable)
Safety ProtectionPower overload, short circuit protection, earthling protection, water protection, and alarm-ring tip.



I believe with this information, you can buy a Rain Spray Test Chamber for your specific needs.
What kind of the Rain Spray Test Chamber would you prefer? Please contact us at any time and we can produce Rain SprayTest Chamber in the way you want.
It is crucial that you provide all the detailed information of your test requirements to us. We could manufacture a superior custom Rain Test Chamber according to your specific requirements.

If you have any other questions, please leave your message in the comment section.


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