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If you are looking for information of any kind on Temperature Humidity Chamber (also called as Temperature and Humidity Chamber), this guide is designed for your reference. It will be helpful for you to purchase  Temperature and Humidity Chamber that is suitable for your requirements.

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Firstly, I’d like to give you a brief introduction of our compony:

Bell Experiment Equipment Co., Ltd manufactures and sells Temperature and Humidity Chamber and battery testing equipments.  Temperature Humidity Chamber, also known as Temperature and Humidity Chamber,  is put into the R&D (Research and Development) since the year 2005. Temperature Humidity Chamber ranges from benchtop to walk–in with extreme temperature & humidity.

We understand the pressure you faced to bring new products to market quickly. The product must be tested at various conditions to ensure its quality and reliability. This is why we offer standard and custom-designed Temperature and Humidity Chamber to meet our clients’ requirements. With  Temperature and Humidity Chamber, you can simulate a diverse range of environmental conditions to test your products.  Temperature Humidity Chamber is developed in strict accordance with international standards. Temperature and humidity chamber can provide exact data for improvement in your products in the future. We specialize in providing solutions for extreme temperatures combined with humidity, altitude or vibration.


1. What is temperature humidity chamber?

The Temperature humidity chamber is also known as climate test chambers or environmental test chamber.  Temperature and Humidity Chamber can simulate the effects that a variety range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a tested product or material.

Temperature Humidity Chamber (also known as Temperature and Humidity Chamber) finds widespread usage in such products as telecommunication equipment or photovoltaic solar panels that are exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity environment.

Temperature Humidity Chamber also finds applications in such industries as food science, semiconductors, and military quality assurance.

A good temperature humidity chamber is critical for estimating potential success or failure of a product in the field.

Temperature humidity chamber has various sizes, ranging from a small box that is installed on the benchtop to a room-sized chamber for large objects or for checking large batches of products at the same time.


2. Why you need temperature humidity chamber?

Many products made from industry are easily vulnerable during storage, handling, manufacturing and practical installment and application due to such force majeure as humidity, bad weather, mindless and rude handling. These unpredictable factors will cause physical, or even functional damage in products, leading to great loss in your product’s effect, value and even threatening the life safety of customers who use it. Therefore you should take it seriously. At this time, the Temperature and Humidity Chamber is necessary!

Have you heard of explosion of an electronic appliance? Or met a predicament that a product that you purchase it just yesterday does not work? You know, all these problems were triggered by dearth of quality of your product.

It is necessary for you to conduct relative experiments to measure the quality and performance against the danger situation of your products before putting it into the market.

The temperature and humidity chambers is designed to simulate regular or specific environments in accordance with your requirements to test your product’s quality. You will find out the potential dangerous troubles hiding in your product with the help of the Temperature Humidity Chamber. With the help of the Temperature and Humidity Chamber, you could find them and solve them! You could perfect a product by collecting useful data from experiments and then grasp the heart of your customers and take a lion’s share in the market.

There are three reasons why you need Temperature Humidity Chamber:

  1. There are great differences between producing area and practical application area: Different fields have different weather conditions that vary in temperature and humidity. Your products may be superior in good resistance of dry, but less competitive in coping with unpredictable bad weather. Given that situation,I reckon that you need a temperature and humidity chamber to test your products many times in unpredictable bad conditions and then improve it.
  2. Your products will enjoy good fame and surpass your competitor with reliable quality: With a Temperature and Humidity Chamber, you could test the performance indicator of a product many times at specific conditions you want. And then, you could find the potential shortcoming of a product and then improve it. By doing this, you could constantly enhance the power of a product, making it both competitive in its appearance and practical application.


3. What Simulated Conditions the Temperature Humidity Chamber Provide?

Products from industry will be influenced by some environmental factors to some extent.

In order to test the ability of products to deal with the unpredictable natural disaster, temperature humidity chamber simulates the extreme condition that nature can’t absolutely attain. You could choose different kinds of Temperature Humidity Chamber for different experiments to achieve the ideal results.

With Temperature Humidity Chamber, you can know the limit of your products in the dangerous natural environment and the information about how long your products can be used in the perilous natural condition. The following are the three special conditions that the Temperature Humidity Chamber can take for you:

  1. Temperature variations:

With temperature varying, you could identify the thermal range that your products can bear.

  1. Humidity:

Being one of the most influential factors in environments, humidity is a force majeure for products during storage and transportation. Our product can control experiment humidity to test your product bearing.

  1. Simulate Weather:

Many products are mainly influenced by weather factors, such as rainfall. We provide you with Temperature and Humidity Chamber that could examine the tested product’s water-repellent performance by simulating a soaking, rainy environment. Temperature and Humidity Chamber can also simulate other weather environments, such as scorching sunlight.

Temperature humidity testing standard

  • IEC68-2-1  Environmental testing – Part 2: Test methods – Tests A: Cold.
  • IEC68-2-2 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Test methods -tests B: Dry Heat.
  • IEC68-2-3 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products – Part 2: Testing method test Cab: Damp heat steady state.
  • IEC68-2-30  Environmental testing for electric and electronic products – Part 2: Test method – Test Db: Damp heat,cyclic ( 12h+12h cycle).
  • IEC68-2-14 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products-Part 2:Test methods-Test N: Change of temperature.
  • MIL-STD-810D High- temperature test.
  • MIL-STD-810D Low -temperature test.
  • MIL-STD-810D Low -temperature test.

How Does Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Work?     

  • Thermal shock test chamber (also known as Environment Stress Screen Test): It is developed to meet the demands of high accelerated stress (HAST) for electrical and electronic parts. By simulating two extreme two different conditions, it makes the tested products transfer between hot and cold zone to simulate fleet product temperature change rapidly. With the help of the experiment, your product’s performance against two totally different and extreme conditions is evident.

Thermal shock test chamber

  • Double-check high and low test chamber: It provides a constant high-temperature and low-temperature simulated environment ranging from -40℃to 150℃ (Available for tailored design). It is employed to examine the performance indicators of industrial products under extreme weather. It finds wider application in many fields, covering electronic and electric components, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, shipbuilding, and other extreme temperature altering changes.

Double-check high and temperature test chamber

  • Temperature humidity vibration combined test chamber: It meets international standards and specific testing requirements. It is widely applied in aerospace, electrical products, and automobile components, material, etc.
  • Constant temperature and humidity test chamber (Also known as constant temperature humidity test machine): It is employed to check all kinds of materials such as electronics, electrical appliances, metals, food, communication, in terms of their resistance against heat, cold, dry and moisture.
  • Walking in Test Chamber: It is applicable in large capacity test that requires high temperature and high humidity. The chamber is equipped with structural steel, the steady structure able to test the large parts and products. Our product is constructed with various optional functions for different test standards and requirements.


What is Temperature Humidity Chamber used for?

With the fast and rapid advancement of modern high-tech technology, electrical and electronic products have been widely employed. Meanwhile, the natural conditions are increasingly complicated and unpredictable. Only by reasonably regulating the protection measures of products, can the products be freed from unpredictable damage during storage and transportation, especially ocean carriage.

A  Humidity and Temperature Controlled Chamber can be also used when specific climate conditions (temperature and/or humidity) are needed for testing the performance of products when they are in a perilous natural condition, such as constant extreme cold and hot.

Moreover, our Temperature and Humidity Chamber (also called as Temperature Humidity Chamber) can also be designed for your specific needs. For example, before putting your product into the market, it is necessary for you to improve your products as many as possible, because only those products with good quality can stimulate customer’s buying appetite.


Features of Temperature and Humidity Chamber?

Our Temperature and Humidity chamber (also known as Temperature Humidity Chamber are mainly developed with international famous brand components, ensuring they provide reliable performance and work continuously without default. Our first-rate temperature control system and refrigeration technology reduce operational power consumption, saving energy up to 20% compared to traditional technology.

  1. Introduced Japanese and German refrigeration technology, Energy Saving 20%.
  2. Easy operation, available for both fixed value test and programmable test.
  3. Available for customized design and provide various options to meet different test requirements.
  4. RS485 and RJ45 communications, available to computer remote control.
  5. Fog-free observation window and interior light to view product under test.
  6. Programmable
  7. Over the temperature protection and water shortage protection
  8. Humidifier dry combustion protection and refrigerant high-pressure protection
  9. Over the current protection
  10. Earth leakage protection


Temperature Humidity Chamber Parameters

Test Space400x500x400500x600x500600x850x8001000x1000x8001000x1000x1000
W x H x D (mm)
External Dimension650x1650x1270700x1700x1370650x1650x12701200x1900x16201200x1900x1820
W x H x D (mm)
Cooling MethodAir-coolingAir-coolingAir-coolingAir-coolingAir-cooling
Temperature RangeA:-0~150℃   B:-20~150℃   C:-40~150℃   D:-70~150℃
Humidity Range20%RH-98%RH (details see temperature humidity control diagram).
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Humidity Fluctuation±2%RH
Temperature Deviation≤2.0℃
Humidity DeviationA)>75%RH:≤+2,-3%RH,B)<75%RH:≤±5%RH。
Temperature Uniformity≤±2.0℃
Humidity Uniformity+2, -3%RH
Heating RateApprox 3℃/mins,average non-linear ,no load
Cooling RateApprox 1℃/ mins,average non-linear ,no load
Temperature Overshoot≤±2℃
Internal Material1.2mm thick SUS#304 high &low temperature resistance stainless steel.
External MaterialAdopt flame retardant high strength PU Polyurethane foam insulation material.
Control MethodTouch screen programmable PLC, with USB interface, with RJ485 interface can be connected to computer controlling, special network control software, convenient remote monitoring, data acquisitioning.
CompressorTecumseh (France)-fully air-cooled double-fall cooling compressor. Or Bock (Germany) semi-enclosed air-cooled refrigeration.
Safety ProtectionExplosion-proof pressure relief device, explosion-proof chain, mobile phone alarm device, networking, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing device, etc.


Temperature Humidity Chamber Related Environmental Chambers

Every Temperature Humidity Chamber boasts its own unique function. The Temperature and Humidity Chamber has different branches of unique functions. In order to make you more familiar with Temperature Humidity Chamber. I will list some representative Temperature and Humidity chamber as following:

  • Double-check high and low -temperature test chamber.
  • Temperature humidity vibration combined test chamber.
  • Constant temperature and humidity test chamber.
  • Walking in Test Chambers.


After reading this guide, I believe that you have good knowledge of types of Temperature Humidity Chamber and you can buy a Temperature Humidity Chamber for your specific needs.

Now, I’d like to hear from you too:

What kind of Temperature Humidity Chamber would you prefer? Please contact us at any time and we can produce Temperature and Humidity Chamber in the way you want.

If the Temperature Humidity Chamber you need does not been mentioned above. It is crucial that you provide all the detailed information of your test requirements to us. We could manufacture a superior custom Environmental Test Chamber according to your specific requirements

If you have any other questions about Temperature Humidity Chamber (also known as Temperature and Humidity Chamber), please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section, contact us directly.

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