Small Environmental Test Chamber Buying Guide

What is Small Environmental Test Chamber?

Small Environmental Test Chamber is a small & affordable benchtop environmental chamber for simulating temperature and humidity environments.

Small Environmental Test Chamber is also known as the benchtop environmental chamber, benchtop chamber, environmental chamber small, and a small chamber.

A benchtop environmental chamber enjoys great popularity in the current market. For the reason that a small environmental test chamber boasts a small, desktop, portable, stable performance, and multifunctional system.

Moreover, despite being small, a benchtop environmental chamber is a compact and multi-purposed chamber that integrates all functions of other chambers, i.e. benchtop humidity chamber ( also known as the small humidity chamber or humidity chamber small), benchtop temperature chamber (also known as the small temperature chamber), benchtop thermal chamber.

A benchtop environmental chamber finds wide usage in testing various small products, such as electronic, automotive, manufacturing, food, cosmetics by means of simulating temperature and humidity environment conditions. This benchtop chamber is also popular for R&D (research and development) or private using.

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Small Environmental Test Chamber Applications

In the modern industry, it is inevitable that many electrical and electronic products or materials suffer the implication of high-temperature, low-temperature, and temperature change in the cycle.

Under such circumstances, the small environmental test chamber comes to show its value. You must wonder why a small environmental test chamber is so important in the testing.

I can tell you that the benchtop chamber is specifically designed for the machine manufacturers to test your sample’s adaptability in the process of storage and application against such conditions.

The benchtop chamber maintains the temperature in the workshop at the same level by keeping the air circulating.

To minimize the implication of the radiation, the difference between the actual temperature of the inner wall of a benchtop chamber, and the scheduled temperature in your experiment should be less than eight percent.

Moreover, the samples will not suffer direct radiation from the heating and cooling components in the benchtop chamber.

On the whole, a small environmental test chamber achieves high performance to meet your environmental testing needs. If you want to make relevant experiments, this benchtop chamber is definitely the first choice.

Benefits of Small Environmental Test Chamber

#1 Save time

Time is money, efficiency is life. Larger chambers can take a long time to complete testing when you need to run fast. And a small environmental test chamber is totally different. The benchtop environmental test chamber can be quickly tested due to its small size. Therefore, a benchtop environmental test chamber is somewhat beneficial to save time compared to the walk-in environmental test chamber. The spared time will help you continue to complete the next test with a small environmental test chamber.

#2 Reduce movement

The benchtop environmental test chamber requires less movement. If the benchtop environmental test chamber is large, the manpower required to move is very large. Employees spend a lot of time on the shift of mobile devices, resulting in less time for their other work. Small and easy to move, a small environmental test chamber will spare you a lot of trouble. As a result, the benchtop environmental test chamber has increased production space and production opportunities to some extent.

#3 Energy saving

Unlike other large machines, a small chamber requires fewer capital investments. Besides, a small chamber is also featured by energy conservation. Reducing the cost of electricity bills means that you can put this part of the money into other places, such as holiday bonuses, salary increases, and so on. In addition, this will help promote the development of the company in the long term.

#4 Environmental protection

With the deterioration of the environment in recent years, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. If your small environmental test chamber is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, I believe that consumers will be happy to do business with manufacturers who care about the planet. The small chamber is so small that it will discharge fewer waste gases. Therefore, a small chamber is an optimal selection for yourself and the planet!

#5 Compact chamber

A small environmental test chamber may be small but it has all the vital organs. The compact size of the small chamber allows you to place it in any location after your heart. In addition, a small chamber also helps you save space for heavier test equipment.

#6 High precision.

A high-precision small chamber can reduce the error range of temperature drop. You can be sure that your test represents the worst conditions you have chosen. Essentially, a small chamber is difficult to heat evenly and precisely over a long period of time in the chamber. Using a small chamber, you’ll find your device heats up quickly and stays even. Besides, the high degree of benchtop stability is also a highlight.

#7 DUT Record

A small chamber with DUT recording capability can verify that the required conditions are met. Testing requires not only precision but also data validation. The small environmental chamber gives you the confidence to get accurate results. In addition, a small environmental chamber requires less energy to reach the conditions you need.

#8 Automation

The small environmental chamber has a touch screen that can be programmed with a PLC, a USB interface, and an RJ485 interface, which is very convenient for collecting data. In addition, a small environmental chamber can also be connected to computer control and dedicated network control software. By doing so, a small environmental test chamber will facilitate remote monitoring and improve security. In this way, the small environmental chamber not only saves time in collecting data but also improves safety.

We have 15 years of experience in the production and research and development of an environmental test chamber and are professional environmental test equipment manufacturers.

Difference Between the Small Chamber and the Other Chambers With Single Function.

Firstly, let me introduce the definition of benchtop testing. As we all know, a product must undergo rigorous testing to remove any bugs. If you want to optimize your samples, you must conduct relevant testing for your product. During the experiment, the assistance of a small environmental test chamber will enable you to get twofold results with half the efforts. In other words, a small environmental chamber will help you manufacture superior products, which will bring you a steady stream of customers.

A benchtop testing will help you determine what features and disadvantages your product has. Next, in benchtop testing, you will find the shortcoming of your product.

In a product research and development project, debugging can consume in excess of 50% of a project’s resources. To avoid this significant expense, benchtop testing is indispensable. It will help the chamber manufacturers to find the product with major bugs. Hence, they can fix it later.

As I mentioned above, the benchtop chamber integrates all functions of the benchtop humidity chamber ( small humidity chamber or humidity chamber small), benchtop temperature chamber, benchtop thermal chamber.

And then, I will introduce these three chambers in short.

Benchtop Humidity Chamber.

You can call the benchtop humidity chamber a small humidity chamber or humidity chamber small. The benchtop humidity chamber has such alternative names as the small humidity chamber or humidity chamber small. It is very popular for labs and product manufacturers to test the various small electronic products and materials with simulating humidity environment conditions.

It is clear that you can only employ the benchtop humidity chamber to test the performance of the product’s capability against the damp conditions.

Benchtop Temperature Chamber.

Similarly, the benchtop temperature chamber has another name, which is a small temperature chamber. The benchtop temperature chamber (small temperature chamber) finds wide usage in testing the heat resistance of your products.

The benchtop temperature chamber (small temperature chamber) also boasts a single function. The small temperature chamber) is very popular for labs and product manufacturers to test the various small electronic products and materials by simulating various temperature environment conditions.

Thermal Shock Chamber.
Thermal Shock Chamber can meet the greater demands for highly accelerated stress tests (HAST) of electrical and electronic components.
The thermal chamber includes hot and cold zone to achieve rapid product temperature change for thermal shock. The thermal shock chamber has an energy-efficient design with Japanese or German technology. Hence, the thermal chamber can reduce electricity consumption by 20%.
On the whole, the benchtop chamber is much superior to the small humidity chamber, benchtop temperature chamber, and the thermal chamber in the term of price, functions.


Size of a Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

When you purchase a small environment chamber, you first need to determine the size of the small chamber you need. The test space required for different test products is different. So the size of the small environmental chamber is something you need to pay special attention to. The small environment chamber is available in several sizes: miniature, small, medium, and large.

Announcements of Operation

  1. You should use a small environmental chamber in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures and instructions.
  2. Some hazardous substances like explosives, combustibles, inflammable, and flammable gases are not allowed to appear in the benchtop chamber.
  3. Before pressing the ON button, firstly you should check the power supply equipment to ensure that there is no wire falling off. And then, if the indicator light on the condensers XG3-G plugged in the electric board shows green. That represents that you link wires correctly. Finally, you should make sure that the small environmental chamber is placed on the dry ground.
  4. The soaked materials must be drip-dried outside the small environmental chamber before you put it into the chamber.
  5. It is unreasonable for you to put a lot of samples at one time. For the reason that this approach will affect the gas flow, leading to inaccurate experimental data.
  6.  If you want to fetch the sample in the process of an experiment, you should wear heat-resistance gloves or use a pick-up tool.
  7. When a small environmental chamber is running, please do not put anything on the top of the machine. Because this will hinder the dissipation of the small environmental chamber.


Finally, we have come to the end of our guide today.

After reading this guide, I believe that you have a general understanding of a small environmental chamber.

I believe that you can buy a small environmental chamber for your specific needs.

Now, I would like to hear from you too:

What kind of small chamber would you prefer? If there is not a small chamber after your heart, please contact us at any time. We will produce a small chamber in the specification and size you need.

If there is something you believe I have missed or failed to explain to your satisfaction, please leave your message below.

In addition, if you want to know more minute information, such as a small chamber price, you can contact us directly. The contact information is available at the bottom of the page.

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