Stable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber with Built-in Uniform Air Supply System

Poor air circulation can result in inaccurate temperature & humidity testing, which is why it’s important to have the right equipment. Air flow is one of the most critical components for a good test chamber. If you don’t have enough air circulating around your samples, they could be subjected to hot or cold spots that skew results. The last thing you want are false positives or negatives because of poor airflow design.

We’ve designed our chambers with stainless steel axial fans that provide rapid and uniform distribution across all surfaces inside the chamber. If your product is being tested for its ability to withstand high levels of moisture or water vapor, then you are going to need a professional chamber that can provide these conditions.


We have all the tools and expertise needed in order to create an environment where your products will be able to survive exposure to extreme amounts of moisture or water vapor.


Our facilities are specifically designed with one goal in mind; ensuring that your products make it through this process without sustaining any damage whatsoever. You could say that we’re experts when it comes to temperature and humidity test chambers because our team has been doing this type of work for years now!



No Need for Extra Air Conditioners or Heat Pumps, Thanks to Its Inbuilt Air Supply Systems!


By making use of air supply systems, temperature and humidity test chambers are able to provide stable temperature, pressure and humidity levels throughout the day, without any need for extra air conditioning or heat pumps.

The temperature and humidity test chambers/ temperature and humidity test rigs come in a wide range of sizes and configurations and they can be used to perform tests on temperature, temperature gradient, air velocity, air flow rates, temperature cycling etc.


How does the air supply work inside test chambers?


The test chamber has a built-in temperature sensor that allows you to easily adjust the output with just one tap. You can turn on heating units, or reduce coolant flow through valves for accurate control!

Humidity control can be done through either evaporating water from inside your tank with Solenoid valves (to increase/adjust cooling) along with sensors for regulating these functions. The control system is connected by a sophisticated microprocessor data collection process to manage precisely.



2 alternative air supply systems 


Stable temperature and humidity under control is very important. Temperature can cause defects such as shrinkage and cracking. So, the temperature and humidity test chamber must be able to maintain the temperature constant throughout the test process.


Large temperature and humidity chamber with horizontal air supply system, it can fully ensure temperature and humidity uniformity in the chamber. According to its different water volume, temperature and humidity can reach as high as 95 ℃ / 75%RH, so temperature and humidity uniformity is the temperature difference between the center and edge of the test chamber under certain temperature conditions tested no more than 2 ℃. If necessary, you can increase or decrease temperature in the whole box so that temperature is strictly controlled within 1-1.5 ℃.



With an adjustable double louver vertical air supply system, you can test products at various angles with no worry of steam leaking out. The pipeline design ensures that pressure is equal in all parts and surroundings. Therefore, it helps prevent this phenomenon from occurring due to differences between atmospheric levels. The vertical angle adjustable double louvered approach makes sure the test chamber does not burst or explode while we do our testing; ensuring safety for everyone working there!


Final Words

The air circulation in a temperature and humidity test chamber is essential for accurate results. Inadequate or uneven airflow can cause the entire experiment to fail, and it’s even worse if the fan breaks down during testing.


With our DGBELL heavy duty motor driven air supply system, you’ll never have to worry about your equipment failing again! These high-quality fans are designed specifically for use in a humidity test chamber and will last you years of reliable service. Our fans come with an excellent service guarantee, so you’re free to focus on your tests without worrying about whether or not your equipment will work properly.

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