How to Control the Temperature and Humidity of Temperature Cycling Test Chamber?

Temperature and humidity control is critical in the testing of products. However, it can be tricky to control both at once. This article will show you how to use a temperature cycling test chamber with an integrated humidifier and dehumidifier so that you can keep your environment stable while still getting accurate readings on your product’s quality over time.

A temperature cycling test chamber with an integrated humidifier and dehumidifier allows for more precise control of the environmental factors within a room than traditional methods like air conditioners or heaters alone. A properly calibrated TC will help ensure that your product performs as expected when used by customers in their homes or businesses – no matter what weather conditions they experience outside!


How to Operate a Temperature Cycling Test Chamber?

1.When the Temperature Cycling Test Chamber starts up, open the air inlet door (on the top), wait for 30 seconds before closing it. After three minutes, start testing.


2.Open the exhaust-air outlet door (at bottom) at least 5cm when the test is finished.


3.When operating the test chamber, the temperature and humidity will control according to both of your requirement (if you didn’t state any requirement, it will be controlled as 85℃±5℃/98RH%±5%), if need to change required environment please contact our technician for instruction.


4.There are two types of single and double door chambers. For a single door: please open the chamber and put your products into the test chamber. For double doors: Please open both doors, take your products from outside of one side then put it into the test chamber. Please note that only one person is allowed to stay inside at a time.



An excellent technology to control temperature inside chamber

The chamber contains an excellent temperature controller for any type of heat testing. It comes with a very high accuracy thermocouple probe that can be used in harsh environments where the control temperature is not far from the actual room temperature. This combination ensures that you get reliable results without too much effort on your end.


The Controller has programmable set points that are user adjustable. You can switch between heating or cooling with the touch of a button depending on what is needed at the time, and use either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales.


The controller also has programmable temperature alarms allowing you to configure temperature limits for both high and low temperatures. The device will make an audible alarm and will also generate a digital signal that can be used to energize a contactor, or to trigger other external devices.

The controller is very clearly designed with ease of use in mind and it makes the whole process much simpler than trying to do everything manually. The manual itself is well written and you should have no trouble getting started quickly.


The refrigeration system is an important part of the high and low temperature test chamber. It also determines its performance, which includes a compressor, condenser, an evaporator that can be either liquid or gas depending on requirements for specific tests being conducted inside it at any given time.



The Best Way to Control the Humidity of Your Product with a Temperature Cycling Test Chamber


The humidity inside a product or battery is often of greater concern than the temperature. Often, the only way to make sure that the product can withstand controllable and consistent humidity (or lack thereof) is to cycle the air in the chamber several times over a 24-hour period. This has been proven many times by testing companies and the FDA alike. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s exceedingly difficult to cycle a chamber without using a cycling test chamber.


The biggest problem with common humidity chambers is that they have an inconsistent output of humidity. Sometimes going from 0% to 100%, and sometimes going from 20%-98%. This means you can’t control the humidity, and it often goes way beyond what a product can withstand. Humidity cycling chambers like our test chamber. We maintain 60% humidity for this entire time. We guarantee your product will be safe from damaging humidity conditions.


Make sure you choose an appropriate humidity cycling chamber before you put your product in one. The DGBELL temperature cycling test chamber is designed to be cycled 5-7 times over a 24 hours period, giving your product the best chance at coming out of the test unharmed.

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