Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber—All-in-One Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental chamber manufacturer DGBELL introduces a great chamber which combines temperature, humidity and vibration into one equipment. This Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber is mainly to simulate the adaptability, safety and integrity of product in the process of transportation and actual use in the change of temperature, humidity, vibration and also other complex environments.


Environmental factors should also get analyzed individually when assessing the standard of pieces of apparatus that are vulnerable to vibration and temperature/humidity pressures. The usage Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber simultaneously may end in making top good high excellent products safe from surroundings.


Now’s increasingly smaller gadgets and much more diverse. The operation and setup of products are more at risk. Electric apparatus vibration screening has now increased into importance for an outcome. Combined-environment screening unites vibrations using many different environmental pressures like for instance relaxing surroundings, natural surroundings, or high-temperature/humidity atmosphere. It’s a kind of analysis which implements surroundings that closely approximate real working surroundings.


Details Information about The Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber


Chamber Type

Many are used for aerospace, petroleum electronic industry and communication industry, chemical industry and also other areas.


  • Vertical type

The chamber size is vary from 408 liters to 1,000 liters and the chamber fixed push the shaker into this area.


  • Horizontal type

The height of the chamber can be adjusted accordingly. The chamber and the shaker are separate controls. It has one controller for temperature and humidity and another control unit is for vibration systems.



Chamber Test Capability

If customers have requirements about temperature change rate which like 5°C/min,10°C/min, 15°C/min. This can be an ESS chamber which means you have one temperature humidity, one ESS chamber, one shaker at the same time. It can meet your several test requirements. Like normally temperature and the humidity chamber the temperature range is from -70°C to 150°C. The humidity range is 20% to 98%. The chamber heating rate is 3 to 5 degree per minute and cooling rate is 0.7 degree to 1.5 degree per minute. The temperature uniformity is ±2 degree and humidity of uniformity is ±3%.




Structural Design

The equipment can be divided into six parts. They are test area, vibration, test system, refrigeration system and the circuit system air duct system and control system. Like standard temperature and chamber the inner chamber material is made of SUS#304 stainless steel with 1.2 millimeter thickness, full welding structure link, sealing is very well and not easy to crack.

The external material is made of a cold rolled plate with 1.5 millimeter thickness. It has gone through brushing, polishing, painting treatments so not easy to scratch. The insulation material is made of polyurethane foam and the insulation thickness is 100 millimeter. The door seals adopt double silicone rubber sealing material. The Seal effect is very good. The observation window is four layers of tempered glasses which size you can choose by yourself. In order to prevent glass frosting when running at a low temperature.


We set up a heating wire with a safety voltage of 24 volts and set up an LED lamp on the window to provide lighting for observation. The chamber are equipped both sides test cable port of diameter 100mm. The plug material is silicone rubber, high-low temperature resistant and also could preserve heat. The air supply is a two way with air out and air return.




Control System of the Combined Test Chamber

  • Vibration Control System

A complete set of vibration test systems is composed of a digital operation controller, power, amplifier, cooling fan and electrodynamic shaker.

In the laboratory with the aid of vibration test system model simulation of reproduction of sinusoidal flow random and resonant search and dwell classic shock and the road simulation can be achieved. It is essential for product quality assurance new product research and development Electromagnetic vibration testing system is specially designed to meet the need of long-term operation, installation of vibration resistance base can be achieved vertical and the horizontal



The vibration system has the following features: rugged suspension system and linear motion guiding, strong carrying capacity, good guiding function, high stability. Load center airbag has high statics stiffness and low dynamic stiffness, strong carrying capacity, perfect performance on the amplitude vibration. High efficiency D-class power switching, 3 Sigma peak current provide finest power consumption and minimize harmonic reliability.


It has a quick safe diagnosis system with safety interlock, high safety reliability. Airbag shock isolation devices for vibration platforms without the need of additional foundation, perfect reproduction of vibrational waves and reduced vibration transmittance. The system also provides horizontal vertical expansion platforms for different applications. It has a simple controller operation. The maximum sine force can be chosen from 30KN to 980KN load. The table size can be chosen from 100 by 106 by 88 millimeters.



  • Temperature and Humidity Control System

We control the temperature and the humidity through the PID module. The controller has a seven inches color touchscreen. Minimum display resolution of this control is temperature 0.01C, humidity is 0.01%. In operation mode you can choose fixing or programming can set program 120 groups. Each group has 99 segments, 999 cycles in total. The controller has several language options.



  • Refrigeration System

Our refrigeration system is a double stage system. Double stage means that we use two compressors in the system. In this chamber we use a compressor from a famous brand. The refrigerant is R404 and R23. This equipment uses thermal expansion valve instead of capillary and cooperates with manual control valve and evaporation pressure protection valve. In this way we cannot only guarantee the cooling rates but also energy saving and also extend the life of the compressor. There is a built-in oil separator from a high-quality brand mainly used to filter impurities in refrigerant. Also, it prevents pipes from being clogged by the impurities.


The cooling method of this chamber is air cooling and this is an air-cooled condenser which is customized. There is a filter installed, solenoid valve mainly used to control the flow of refrigerant so that we save energy.



  • Circuit System

Our internal circuit system is very neat and beautiful. Our circuit system wiring according to international standards. The layout and the color of wires complied with international standards and all equipped with line numbers to facilitate maintenance. All parts came from international famous brands.



  • Unique Design

This temperature humidity vibration combined test chamber equipped with the latest electronic lock. The door cannot open as the electronic lock was working which provides double protection for the operator. If you want to open the door you can use the electronic key or enter the password. As we can see the pattern on the control panel is all upgraded to metal type compared with plastic one is more comfortable to use and has a longer service life. The equipment has an indication light on the panel easy to check the chamber running condition.

The chamber also equipped it with an alarm system. Alarm will be running when chamber failure or in operation, the height of the chamber can be adjusted accordingly to you.



DGBELL can furnish vibration-test devices together with climatic chambers to present whole shaking, humidity, and temperature ecological screening. Artificial products could be vulnerable to both mechanical and thermal pressures. These approaches may be customized to fulfill their own application. These shouldn’t be regarded as independently, whilst the ramifications could be related.

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