Why do electric vehicle charging accidents occur frequently?

In recent years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular, but electric vehicle accidents have occurred more and more frequently.
Therefore, we need to know why the charging of electric vehicles will suddenly catch fire or explode?

Line aging

Electric vehicles have been used for a long time, and the connection lines in the vehicle are easily aging and short-circuited. If the wires in the vehicle are short-circuited, and the external temperature is too high, it is easy to burn.


The battery is a short circuit

In general, it is easy to attribute the self-ignition of electric vehicles to batteries.

Take lead-acid batteries, even if the internal temperature of the battery is high and a large amount of gas is generated, it will be released through the vent hole, so it will not explode easily.

Unless the battery has a long service life, the internal circuit is easy to short circuit, causing spontaneous combustion.


Doesn’t match the charger

If the charger doesn’t match the charger of the electric vehicle, it may also cause the electric vehicle to fire.

Many families now have more than one electric vehicle, and electric vehicle chargers of different brands should not be mixed, which will not only cause damage to the battery of the electric vehicle but also bury potential safety hazards.



Overcharge is also the main reason for the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles.

In general, electric vehicles can meet the needs of users by charging for about eight hours.

In reality, many users simply charge the electric vehicle overnight for 12 hours or even longer to save trouble. This will not only have a positive effect but will reduce the performance of the battery.


The voltage is unstable

When multiple electric vehicles are charged at the same time, it will cause voltage instability, which can easily lead to safety accidents.


Charging environment

Many users don’t have a dedicated electric vehicle charging place, so they can only store electric vehicles in staircases, walkways, or push electric vehicles into the room for charging.

In the event of a fire in an electric vehicle, flames and thick smoke will block the safe exits and escape routes of the building, which can easily cause casualties or even mass casualties.


Therefore, DGBell proposed the following solutions to these problems:

  1. The vehicle line is used for a long time and is prone to aging. It is recommended that users regularly check at the maintenance point within half a year to one year. Besides, after riding in high-temperature weather, you should put the car in the shade, and recharge it after the temperature of the car and battery drops.
  2. According to the relevant technical standards, the service life of ordinary batteries in electric vehicles is 1.5-2.5 years, so users are advised to replace the batteries regularly, and they must go to regular stores to buy matching batteries, and do not choose inferior batteries.
  3. Chargers of different brands are not mixed. If the charger is damaged, please go to a regular store to buy it.
  4. Ensure the charging time of electric vehicles. When the battery power is 70%-80%, it should be charged in time. Generally, it is appropriate to charge 6-8 hours in summer and 8-10 hours in winter. The battery should not be over-discharged.

DGBell has a series of test chambers specifically for this electric vehicle battery test. We hope that our battery test equipment can reduce the accident problems caused by electric vehicles for you and protect your travel safety.

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