4 Questions to help you better understand the High and Low Temperature Chamber

How to determine the high and low temperature chamber is qualified equipment?

  1. Check whether a double-layer temperature-resistant sealing strip is used as the seal between the door and the test chamber body to ensure the accuracy of the test. The door of the test chamber adopts a non-reactional door handle.
  2. The outer test chamber material is made of A3 steel plate, which is pressed by machine tools, which is not easy to cause deformation. The thickness of the steel plate is 1.2mm. The surface is treated with plastic spraying. The inner test chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate and the thickness of the steel plate is 1.0mm, which makes the test chamber beautiful, clean, easy to manage.
  3. The use of insulation materials inside the test chamber to ensure that the high temperature will not lead to deformation of the device occurs, to ensure that the temperature inside the working chamber will not be passed to the device outside, so that the temperature inside the working chamber to maintain a stable state.
  4. Check whether the various components in the test chambers are damaged or the wiring is off, whether the sample holder has a certain load-bearing capacity, and whether it is welded by high-quality stainless steel.
  5. Whether the device has an over-temperature protection system and leakage, short-circuit automatic shutdown after the fault alarm, and other protection.
  6. Check the overall equipment external whether there are scratches, test chamber electrical control cabinet line is safe, reliable, neat, can not appear parts line off, etc.


How to make high and low temperature test chamber more energy efficient?

  1. Equipment installation and commissioning are complete, the equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated environment, away from the fever light source to avoid direct sunlight, the front and back of the equipment should be left around a certain distance space. (General distance of 70 cm, in order to facilitate the heat dissipation of the test chamber)
  2. The working chamber of the test sample bureau test chamber wall should leave a certain distance, the test sample should not slow down, and leave a gap between the test chamber wall, let the air in circulation.
  3. In the course of the test to reduce the number of times to open the door, as far as possible to avoid this happening, because open a door compressor needs to run for ten minutes, in order to restore the high and low temperature recovery high and low temperature temperature temperature.


How to choose the high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration mode?

High and low temperature test chamber if you want to achieve the effect of refrigeration, you need to reach through the compressor refrigeration, the compressor is mainly divided into air-cooled, water-cooled, there is another kind of refrigeration for liquid nitrogen, how to choose the high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration mode it, is based on the test temperature is different, the refrigeration mode is also different.

  1. “Air-cooled” means the meaning of natural cooling, generally applicable to small power products, if the impact test chamber using the ambient temperature is low or long-term maintained at 5-25 ℃, and have a ventilation device. To ensure that the equipment in the most comfortable working environment, to extend the service life.
  2. “Water-cooled” using the fluidity of the water temperature to dissipate heat, according to the impact tester installed on the amount of water equivalent water tower, the general recommendation is 8-16 tons, the water tower can not be put indoor, can only be put on the roof or downstairs, and maintenance also more trouble, the water pipe must be wrapped, or it is easy to sun crack or frostbite, but in the final analysis, in fact! There is no big difference between the two before, both are for heat dissipation, but the heat dissipation is different, mainly according to the customer’s choice and environmental requirements. At the same time, as a manufacturer of high and low temperature impact test chamber, we will also put forward the most reasonable program for you based on field considerations.
  3. In industrial production, liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractionation of compressed liquid air, which can be used as a deep refrigerant, and because of its chemical inertness, it can be directly in contact with biological tissues and immediately frozen without destroying biological activity. And the temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach -196 ℃, we have used liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to replace the compressor in the process of developing environmental test equipment and to improve the technology of the cryogenic chamber. Produce a liquid nitrogen cryogenic chamber.


What are the maintenance methods of the accelerated high and low temperature chamber?

Many users after the use of a fast temperature chamber or other environmental testing equipment are not cleaned, in fact, this will not only cause errors in the next test results, but also may affect the performance and service life of the equipment. If you want a piece of equipment to serve the enterprise for a long time, you need not only the correct use of the method and a piece of good maintenance equipment, otherwise, even if how to use it correctly is also unable to guarantee the service life of the equipment.

The wet ball gauze is a fast-temperature test chamber on the need for frequent cleaning or replacement of accessories, because long-term use will make the gauze yellow hardened, will lead to humidity sensors can not accurately detect the actual humidity in the workplace or the controller humidity display error. So in order to avoid this situation affects the test results, we need to ensure regular cleaning gauze or direct replacement, if it is to replace the new gauze, but also to ensure that the installation is cleaned before.

There is the use of fast-temperature test chamber for testing products, in the test process is needed to link the power cord or other items, need to explain in advance and manufacturers, let them open a test hole in the side of the equipment. Do not enter the test line through the door and product links, because not only will affect the accuracy of the test results, but also have a serious impact on the seal of the test chamber.

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