Thermal Runaway Test Machine

Relevant standards requirement:

  1. Test objects: The test object is the whole vehicle or the complete vehicle-borne ion battery system or the subsystem of vehicle-borne lithium-ion battery system, including a lithium ion battery and an electrically connected lithium ion battery.
  2. Test conditionsThe test shall be started under the following conditions.
  • Testing should be started at temperature higher than 0 ℃, relative humidity 15%~90%, and the atmospheric pressure 86~106 kpa.
  • .Before testing, The SOC of the test object should be adjusted to 90% or 95% of the normal SOC working range specified by the manufacturer.
  • Before testing, all the test device must be running normally.
  • The test objects should be modified as little as possible when testing, and the manufacturer should submit a list for all changes.
  • Testing should be at the room temperature or wind speed is not more than 2.5 km/h.

3. Thermal runaway trigger object Heating and needling are recommended as candidates for thermal runaway test of lithium ion battery systems. Manufacturers can choose one of them.