Precautions for Thermal Shock of Electronic Products

Electronic products in the development and manufacturing process may have a variety of reasons leading to the direct occurrence of defects. Some defects of electronic products can be eliminated by conventional inspection methods. However, conventional methods cannot detect potential defects. At this time, we need to use the thermal shock chamber to conduct the experiment. To some extent, the early stage failure and exposure design and manufacturing process of components and components can be eliminated by using temperature impact chamber to conduct experiments on electronic products. The reliability of the product is in line with the actual demand, thus improving the reliability of electronic products.

Basic method of thermal shock

1. Thermal Shock Test Selection Principle

In general, electronic products that may be used in the event of a sharp change in air temperature need to be detected by a thermal shock chamber. In addition, the thermal shock chamber is also an environmental stress screening test equipment. Used to achieve the purpose of triggering the fault.

Temperature shock refers to the exposure of the product to the high temperature area and the low temperature area in sequence within the range of 1min. And according to a certain number of cycles. In general, the purpose is to reveal the safety problems and potential defects of products under extreme temperature change rate.

2. Thermal Shock Test to Determine Conditions

(1) Basic elements of the experiment

Experimental temperature. The experimental temperature setting of the thermal shock chamber should reflect the expected implementation of the product as much as possible. The method for determining is as follows:

  1. The test temperature response from the high and low temperature test is used to determine the test conditions.
  2. Based on the expected work of the product and the relevant climate data of the storage geographical area.

(2) High and low temperature duration.

  1. High temperature duration

On the one hand, it is determined by the time when the product reaches a temperature stability under storage of high temperature conditions. On the other hand, it is determined by the time during which the product reaches the highest working response temperature during the daily cycle.

  1. Low temperature duration

The low temperature duration is determined by the product achieving a settling time at low temperature extremes.

(3) cycle times

Only one thermal shock test can be carried out for products with very small temperature change. However, three or more thermal shock tests were carried out on products that showed relatively rapid changes in temperature. The number of thermal shock generally be determined by the number of expected running times of the product.

Experimental requirements for thermal shock

1. Temperature Control Requirements

Any action other than the execution of the test piece may affect the results of the thermal shock test.For example, opening the box door during the non-conversion time causes significant changes in the temperature of the specimen or the temperature of the thermal chamber (the temperature exceeds 2℃). Before proceeding with the thermal shock test, it is necessary to ensure that the specimen is re-stabilized at the specified temperature.

2. Test Interrupt Processing Requirements

If the interruption occurs before the temperature changes, the thermal shock test should be carried out from the interruption point, and the test piece should be re-in this condition. If interruption occurs during the transition from high to low temperature, the specimen should be pushed back to the pre-transition temperature.

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