Rain Spray Test Machine Operation Guidance

The rain spray test machine is used for external lighting and signaling devices and automobile lamp shell protection, which can provide a realistic simulation of various environments such as water pouring and spray tests that electronic products and their components may be subjected to during transportation and use. But when you are experimenting, do you know the most important factors?


  1. Factors of product placement

When we are doing the test, the length of the test time directly affects the rationality of the test results. If the test time is too long, it does not conform to the situation of natural rainfall. If the test time is too short, the rainwater will not enter the tested product, and the evaluation effect will not be achieved.

In addition, during natural rainfall, the direction of each rainfall cannot be the same, which means that the surface of the tested product is exposed to rain differently, so we put the tested product in a normal use state during the test.


  1. Water temperature factor

Larger rainfall intensity generally occurs in summer when the temperature is higher. However, because the rainwater can adjust the temperature when it rains, the temperature of the rainwater falling to the ground will not be too high. When the test is conducted according to the standard test conditions, it is unnecessary to control the water temperature, but the water temperature should be as close as possible to the temperature of the tested product, so as to reduce the possibility of condensate water generated inside the tested product. Therefore, the temperature of the test water should be 15℃±10℃.


  1. Water pressure factor

The pressure of the rain test chamber is supplied by tap water. Sometimes the pressure is high, sometimes the pressure is small, and the fluctuation is large, and it cannot meet the water pressure of the supplied products specified by the standard. Therefore, DGBell specially designed the water pressure regulator device.

Not only the energy is continuously supplied with water, but also the prescribed water pressure required for the test can be maintained regularly to ensure that the test is carried out under normal water pressure.

In short, the protection level test parameters of the lamp housing are based on meteorological data for many years and simulate the harsher natural conditions as much as possible, so at the same time, the acceleration and repeatability of the test should be properly considered to evaluate the product.


After knowing the important factors mentioned above, we must clearly know the function of the rain spray test machine:


  1. The rain spray test machine can be used in workshops, laboratories, and other places to conduct IPX1-IPX6 waterproof rating tests.
  2. Box structure, water recycling, energy-saving, and environmental protection, no need to build a special waterproof laboratory, saving input costs.
  3. There is a large transparent window (tempered glass material) on the door, and an LED lighting lamp is installed in the rain and waterproof test chamber to facilitate observation of the internal test situation.
  4. Turntable drive: using the imported motor, the speed and angle can be set on the touch screen (adjustable), stepless adjustable within the standard range, and can automatically control the positive and negative rotation (positive and reverse rotation: suitable for the power-on test with products to prevent winding)
  5. The test time can be set on the touch screen, and the setting range is 1-999,999min (adjustable).
  6. The spray angle of the nozzle is 40°, 90°, 135° fixed direction, and spray water to the center of rotation. The flow rate of each nozzle is 100±5 L/min (adjustable), and the flow rate displays the direct reading.
  7. In order to operate this rain spray test machine more safely, we also have safety protection measures such as power overload, short circuit protection, grounding protection, water protection, and alarm ring tip.


After understanding the function of the rain spray test machine, how should we operate it?


  1. After powering on the device and turning on the power switch, the controller will enter the custom stop interface.
  2. After the set program has finished running, the rain spray test machine will automatically stop running.
  3. Open the door of the test machine, but the test sample into the sample rack of the sample studio and then close the door to perform the test.
  4. Do not open the door of the test machine during the test. You can know the changes in the test sample in the test machine from the test observation window. The temperature and humidity of the test sample will also be displayed on the meter.
  5. Be sure to turn off the power after the test.




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