The Most Efficient Thermal Shock Test Chamber


You want to be sure that your new product can withstand rapid changes in temperature. Are you thinking about investing in a thermal shock test chamber?


We understand how difficult it is for businesses like yours to justify investing thousands of dollars on equipment that might not even work as well as an older model.


Our Thermal Shock Chamber meets and exceeds industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing your products will withstand rapid changes in temperature without breaking down. This will save you time and money by allowing your company to conduct more tests with fewer failures, which means less wasted resources from having to start over again with a new design every time something breaks during testing.


Three zones test chamber can enhance thermal shock test effect


Thermal shock is one of the toughest tests that can be performed on electronic components. The term refers to a series of rapid, extreme temperature changes that cause components to expand and contract quickly, sometimes as fast as several hundred degrees Celsius per minute.


Effectively testing thermal shock can be expensive and time-consuming. But it is necessary for making sure that products meet the rigorous requirements of international safety standards.


Our chamber allows engineers to test products in three different zones simultaneously, rather than consecutively. This results in the ability to perform many more tests for a given period of time—and at lower cost. The concept is based on DGBELl’s experience with the standard thermal shock equipment in use on the market today, where three separate chambers are required.


Heating Zone: A perfect combination of speed and precision


Engineers at DGBELL had to rethink conventional thermal shock tests, including their methods for controlling the tests and transferring data from multiple chambers back into a central control unit. The result was an innovative device with the ability to simultaneously test three chambers.


The new equipment allows engineers using conventional testing techniques to run all their tests at (50°C-220°C), thereby reducing the risk of damage due to extreme temperature conditions. The innovative system is just as reliable as standard thermal cycling equipment, but achieves its performance through software control rather than with bulky hardware components.



Cooling Zone keeps your products at the right temperature


In addition to reducing cycle time and cost, we make it possible to test products in cold temperature (10°C-80°C) zones. In fact, our products can perform tests at more different temperatures now. This means that components that are especially sensitive to low temperature can now be tested, along with those that may need to survive high temperatures.


The patented Cooling Zone is a thermally separated chamber that keeps temperature to the touch screens even at higher temperatures. This protects your products from being damaged.


The specimen stays in the test zone, hot and cold air will be blew from the storage zones to achieve rapid temperature change for thermal shock. Quickly switch heating and cooling shock type can saving you time and money.


Our test chamber has an airtight aluminum housing protecting it from humidity, dirt and dust. This ensures that your chambers will last a long time and helps to prevent contamination of the product.


The most powerful refrigeration system for your thermal shock test chamber



  • Our refrigeration system is specifically designed for your Thermal Shock Test Chamber and other chamber cooling and heating needs. We understand how important it is to maintain extreme temperatures for these chambers; that’s why we can create a custom, high-performance solution for you!


  • The best performance ever seen in an air-cooled cold chamber with its patented ceramic heat exchanger technology as well as highly effective insulation. This means lower power consumption, which saves you money.


  • There are few things more frustrating than constant breakdowns when conducting crucial research testing in the lab.


  • the thermal shock test chamber only takes 15 seconds to switch the heating and cooling types


  • Heat, cool and store products at different temperatures with one system


  • Ensure comfortability in tests by maintaining an optimal temperature for any experimental subject undergoing testing


  • Create the perfect air equilibrium across every surface of the test chamber to ensure accurate readings and data points.



Final Words


The problem with Thermal Shock Testing now is that you have to buy an expensive chamber for it, which can be very costly and takes up a lot of space in your lab. We at DGBELL believe that everyone should be able to use this technology, so we created our own portable thermal shock test chamber. Our solution makes Thermal Shock Testing affordable and accessible for everyone who needs it!


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