The System of High Low Temperature Chamber, Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Interpretation of environmental simulation tests:

There is all kind of environments in nature: high temperature, low temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, sunlight, rain, etc. Different natural environments affect all kinds of our lives to varying degrees. An environmental simulation test is an activity performed to maintain functional reliability in all environments of expected use, transportation, or storage.

It is to expose the product to natural or artificial environmental conditions to undergo its effects, in order to evaluate the performance of the product in the actual use, transportation, and storage of environmental conditions, and to analyze and study the degree of influence of environmental factors and their mechanisms.

Introduce our Bell’s high and low temperature test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, both of which are also environmental chambers for battery safety.

dgbell doule-deck-high-low-temperature-chamber   DGBELL Temperature-Humidity-Test-Chamber


The following introduces our environmental test chamber systems, such as refrigeration system, heating system, and air supply system:

refrigerating system:

The generation of low temperature comes from the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system includes four major processes: compression, condensation, throttling, and evaporation.

The compressor compresses the refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid state. The liquid refrigerant is radiated to normal temperature and high pressure through the condenser, and then throttling and spraying into the evaporator through a throttling device (expansion valve, capillary tube), and the atomized refrigerant evaporates into a gaseous state.  Heat to complete the cooling, the gaseous refrigerant returns to the compressor to continue the compression cycle.


Heating system:

The high temperature of the equipment is directly heated by the electric heating wire, and the heat is evenly distributed in all corners of the test chamber through the air supply system.


heating method

The ceramic heating frame is used for heating with electric heating wires, and the heating tube power is calculated according to the actual temperature range and test chamber size.



way to control

The PID calculus data of the controller judges the output ratio according to the setting and actual temperature conditions and controls the on-off ratio from the model to the solid-state relay to realize the power supply of the heating wire.



Air supply system:

The function of the air supply system is to circulate the gas in the inner test chamber to bring the high temperature, low temperature, and humidity generated by the heating tube, humidification tube, and evaporator into the inner test chamber and balance it.

The air supply system includes: circulating motor, circulating wind wheel, air duct.




We have passed a variety of tests for each system and selected the most suitable materials in order to achieve the best test results.

The technical advantages of Bell’s high and low temperature test chamber and constant temperature and humidity test chamber have the following three points:


  1. The advanced technology of refrigeration structure: the whole copper pipe is bent by the big brand pipe bender, which greatly reduces the solder joints and oxides in the pipe during welding, and improves the reliability of the system.
  2. High-end technology optimization of the refrigeration system
  3. Intelligent control system

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Bell’s high and low temperature test chamber and constant temperature humidity test chamber are all made of the best parts, not only for the test results of the machine to be more accurate but also for the safety of the testers during the test.




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