What is the Thermal Shock Chamber? How to Choose?

Have you ever wondered why a device has failed prematurely or has a short life? Prior to final manufacturing, we should develop and designed the components and subassemblies to meet their operating environmental conditions. Without this pivotal step, some components are more likely to fail prematurely. For example, exposing a lithium-ion battery to an extremely cold environment can reduce its life and storage capacity. Through testing the components, we can ensure it’s quality and reliability. The most important thing is to expect its overall performance in the work environment. There are many ways to test components under specific environmental conditions, one of which is the use of temperature or thermal shock chambers.

This article focuses on the thermal shock chamber.

Purpose of Using a Thermal Shock Chamber

In fact, we ues the thermal shock chamber as a test tool. The purpose of the application at different stages of product development is different:

  • In the engineering development satge, we can discover the defects of product design and process;
  •  Provide basis for product typesetting or design appraisal and batch production acceptance decision;
  •  As an environmenta screening application, the purpose is to eliminate early failure of the product;

When you want to buy a product reasonably, you need to have a general understanding of this product.

what is Thermal Shock Chamber?

The thermal shock chamber uses the cold storage method and the thermal alternating impact method to test the performance and parameters of the product after a sharp temperature change. In other words, thermal shock chamber is used to test the extent to which a material structure or composite material can withstand transiently in extremely high temperature and very low temperature continuous environments. Therefore, thermal shock chamber is possible to test the chemical change or physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time. Suitable objects include metals, plastics, rubber, electronics and other materials.

Understand what is the thermal shock chamber, let’s talk about how to choose.

How to Choose the Thermal Shock Chamber?

At the time of purchase, they have their own requirements.

There are five aspects to be aware of when purchasing a thermal shock test chamber:

  • Impact Temperature

The impact temperature refers to the maximum temperature range that can be reached in the test area. Note that it is not the extreme temperature of the preheating and pre-cooling chambers;

  • Test Load

The test load directly affects how many test items can be placed. Generally speaking, the bigger the weight, the better;

  • Reset Time

Reversion time is the time it takes for the test item to switch from one temperature point to another. Our common specification is ≤5min. The smaller the time, the better;

  • Defrost Time

The longer the defrost interval, the better. It is very desirable to have a manufacturer who can do 1000 cycles of defrosting once. The shorter the defrost interval, the worse the airtightness of the device;

  • Sensor Placement

The sensor must be placed inside the test area. Some manufacturers place the sensor inside the air duct. Although it is only 10cm away from the test area, this energy difference is quite large. It does not accurately reflect the temperature change on the surface of the test article.

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